Bahamas Luxury Real Estate

Bahamas luxury real estate market has experienced a lot of developments in recent years. Real estate industry in Bahamas is flourishing in the wake of rapid economic development coupled with a burgeoning population and job opportunities. Many international investors are flocking to the Bahamas because it provides ideal real estate investment opportunities along with favorable tax structure. Unlike other countries, the government has been very supportive of the real estate industry by ensuring attractive structures and policies for long term investment. Apart from that, there are also many incentives and rebates are being offered to attract the investors.

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People from various fields like medical, legal, engineering, hospitality, communications and other service sectors are flocking to the major cities like Negril, St Thomas, and Grand Cayman Bahamas Real Estate. There are also numerous upcoming projects in Nassau and Pinellas County for the residential and commercial properties. The real estate agents can find buyers for their properties in Bahamas through leading real estate brokers. They have all the necessary information and resources to locate the ideal property for their clients. They help in negotiating the best deal and arrange financing for their customers. They can assess the value of the Bahamas real estate and advise their clients on how to maximize the profit.

Many luxury real estate projects are planned and are progressing at a very fast pace. The main areas in demand are Palm Beach, South Beach, Little Rock, West Palm Beach and Disney. The upcoming projects in the northern part of the island include the addition of an international airport, a convention center and a new hotel.

In the case of residential property in the Bahamas, one can find the options to choose from lavish estates in Negril, Grand Bahama Island, Boca Raton, Coconut Grove, Spring Hill, Waterford Lakes, and Paradise. The average price of the real estate in the Bahamas is around $700 per square foot. Some luxurious properties like the villa in Negril, have been listed in the MLS since its completion. It offers three bedrooms and a penthouse on the top floor for lease. The cost of this villa has already sold out in the last two months.

The prices of the houses and other real estate packages vary according to the location, amenities, size and many other factors. Some of the most luxurious areas in the Bahamas are the capital city, Nassau, Pompano, Eleuthera, Bradenton Beach, Paradise City, and Pine Valley. All these locations offer the best of services and have the modern facilities like state-of-the-art swimming pools and spas. They also have luxurious and premier restaurants serving Thai, Chinese, Italian and other cuisines.

The people living in the luxurious real estate projects are well educated and well cultured. They are highly respectable and the standard of living is one of the best in the world. The Bahamas real estate market is vibrant with new offerings on a daily basis. If you wish to buy a piece of real estate in the Bahamas, then make sure you check out all the options available.

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