Trash Or Treasure? Making the Most of a Garage Sale

When you begin to de-clutter your home built from cottage style house plans, homeowners typically have two options: throw it out or give it away. However, garage sales should be considered a third option. True, they take a fair amount of work, but many times it’s worth the investment. With a few insider tips, you can make the most of your garage sale and have some fun a long the way!

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Once you have decided to have a garage sale buy weed online in NY, the first thing to determine is intent: are you having a sale to make money to get rid of lots of stuff? Ideally, both will be accomplished, but knowing your main goal will help you as the sale goes on.

The first step is preparation. Set a date. A profitable garage sale must be planned. Expect to plan for a sale at least one month in advance. Look for a date and make sure there’s nothing else going on in the area that will detract from your sale. Do not plan to have the garage sale on a long weekend or holiday weekend since so many people travel on these types of weekends. Local events like parades or high school and community happenings will cause competition and draw buyers away. The dead heat of summer may be best avoided if possible too, though spring and fall hold more school obligations for bargain hunting families. Now you can see that finding a date is perhaps the trickiest part! Determine time. Garage sales traditionally run an entire weekend, however, today’s busy families find their free time less and less. Saturdays are still the most popular for garage sales with Friday afternoons and evenings becoming more regular. Sundays often only bring in stragglers and may not be worth the time unless you already plan to be hanging out at home. Open to Close or 8-4 is a full garage sale day though most traffic will dwindle in the early afternoon. Be prepared for Early Birds to arrive around 7am or even the night before, looking to get an early glimpse at your offerings. It can be incredibly beneficial to be ready for sales at 7am. However, if it’s not feasible, make it clear that Early Birds are not welcome or they pay double – whatever best fits your schedule and your sale motives.

When the details have been ironed out, it’s time to start spreading the word. Newspaper ads, online advertisement, and flyers on bulletin boards are all popular ways to advertise. Never underestimate word of mouth, too. A week prior to the garage sale, sending an email with information and special sale items to friends and family is a great way to remind them of the upcoming sale. They, in turn can forward the email reminder on to other friends at your request.

The second step is signage. Get permission. Homeowner associations and cities have rules about how and where signs can be posted for events such as garage sales. Some areas do not allow personal signs to be attached to poles or placed on certain common grounds. Find out the rules so that you know what kind of sign can be used for your sale. Make it nice. Signs should neat, simple, and clearly written. Keep lettering bold, dark, and large. Boxes and thick posterboard are best for large signs that withstand weather and attract attention. Keep the sign information to four lines, as people will be driving when they are observing them. Garage Sale, Address, Date, and Time are really all that is needed. As the signs get closer to your neighborhood, add arrows to lead prospective buyers right to your home. Keep it constant. Make all your signage similar, with the same color scheme and writing style. Then, customers can be sure to find your sale and not get distracted by others along the way. Be strategic with placement. It’s OK to some signs out a week or so in advance to encourage customers to find your sale. However, signs with arrows should be placed the morning of or night before. After placing the signs, drive the route to ensure you can read them from your car. Signs should be able to be seen for 3 car lengths in order to take in the information. It is also important to drive the route to ensure all arrows are facing the correct direction – pranksters can move signs causing frustration for customers and ruining a potentially great garage sale.

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