Some Style Details to Follow While Ordering Custom Tailored Shirts

The option of asking a tailor to sew a shirt especially for you should be explored for more comfortable shirts that fit well to your body. At the same time, while giving the measures to the tailor, you should also pay attention to some style tips to make your personality more presentable. Know that each shirt that you wear speaks volumes about your way of life.

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For instance, a dress shirt that has a button-down collar and has plain front, left breast pocket plus single button cuffs will immediately indicate that you are a leisurely person or you wish to enjoy the day that way Comme des Garçons. But the tailored shirts having pointed and turned-down collar, placket front, French cuffs and no breast pocket signals towards formality and that you love to be at work. Clearly, such dress shirts that you opt to design for yourself ensure expression of your personality.

While going for the option of custom tailored shirts, pay good attention to the collar style. Collar is the first instantly visible and noticed feature. If you are looking for less formal shirts, then opt for button-down collars as these will appear great without a tie and go well with tie as well. These collars also go well with sweater, blazer and sport coat combination. For a more formal wear, choose wing collar especially for the highest level of dresses.

Shirt cuffs should be carefully selected depending on formal or informal choice of the shirts. While single button cuffs are common, you can settle for tow or even three button cuffs that appear more attractive. See also if you would like to have a button in the sleeve placket.

Shirt pockets are also equally crucial in making or breaking the overall appearance of custom tailored shirts. Breast pocket in the left side of the chest has been a tradition and these shirts are also useful for holding pens, tickets and other such things. But you can opt for a cleaner looking shirt that has no pocket and you can wear it with coat and tie. Pocket less dress shirts are also known as formal shirts.

You should also be aware of shirt front and the placket. While most of the casual wears and other dress shirts have a strip of fabric that is raised off the men’s dress shirt front and have stitches down each side. Modern French placket display the edge of the shirt front in a folded manner and holds the button holes together. Such cleaner front is for more formal shirts but should not be combined with a button-down collar.

Pay more attention to the shirt back also for a more comfortable tailored shirt. Men’s shirts do not have a flat back because men’s back has a bold s-shaped curve. Therefore, custom tailored shirts have pleats on the back panel of a shirt. This is done to ensure that the fabric hangs down from the piece that covers the shoulder blades. For pleated shirt back styles, you can choose from the box pleat that has two pleats with a space of one and a half inches at the center and side pleats that lie between center of the back and edge of the back. However, pleats are optional for style statements.

These are some of the tips that you should follow in order to give a personal touch to the custom tailored shirts of your choice. Pay proper attention to the other details regarding the fabric material, color and others.

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