How to Look Amazing For Homecoming in Your Homecoming Dress

The week preceding Homecoming is an exciting week in high school. There are pep rallies, decorations in the hallways, parades, and contests. During Spirit Week, students dress up for a different theme every day, which sometimes includes Pajama Day or Twin Day.

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Typically on a Friday night, students get together and cheer on their high school football team. Everyone wears school colors, and many wear face paint to show their school pride. At the end of the night is a big celebration, the Homecoming dance steampunk corset .

At the Homecoming dance, the Homecoming King and Queen are often announced. Then everyone celebrates and dances all night long. To make the night particularly memorable, wear a fun, flirty dress that fits you well.

2009 Homecoming Dresses:
2009 Homecoming dresses are different than prom dresses, 2009 formal prom gowns, or 2009 Quinceanera dresses. Homecoming dresses tend to be shorter (think above the knee) and less formal. And any style works! Your dress can be a halter or strapless, and it can have lace, ruffles, or bows. If you want to stand out, try a dress with sequins, polka-dots, or beads.

Fortunately–your dress can be any color! If you want to keep it simple, stick to a cute black dress. But the majority of girls will have homecoming dresses in a variety of shades, such as emerald, gold, or deep blue. Homecoming is during the fall, so fall colors like plum, red, or orange are perfect. In general, since Homecoming is at night, try to stick to darker colors.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to homecoming dresses! You can also wear a cocktail dress.

Shoes for the Homecoming Dance:
After you have your homecoming dress, decide what kind of shoes you are going to wear. High heels will make your legs look longer, especially if the heels do not have a strap across the ankle. And the high heels should complement the dress.

If you are wearing a black dress, have fun with the shoes. Black dresses look good with almost everything, so don’t be afraid of wearing red, purple, or gold shoes! If you chose a colorful homecoming dress, black or silver heels will most likely match.

Most importantly, make sure you can walk and dance in your shoes! Many girls take off their high heels for dancing, but the floor may be dirty, and you are going to be walking around talking to your friends on Homecoming night. If you feel uncomfortable walking in high heels, buy a pair of cute, dress up flats and wear them instead.

Makeup for the Homecoming Dance:
Once you have your homecoming dress and shoes picked out, decide what kind of makeup you are going to wear. Homecoming is meant to be fun, so you can experiment with glitter and bright eye-shadow colors. To get ideas, flip through fashion magazines or make an appointment to get your make-up done at a department store. Also, paint your nails and consider using tanning lotion on your legs.

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