Online Article Submission Site Case Study in Customer Service

It is never easy for any business to make a major change in the way they do business. Often when they do customers are upset, do not understand or feel betrayed. However, with creative and strategic planning many of the problems can be alleviated in advance. Now let’s look at a case study of an online article submission web site, which deleted an entire category from its web site overnight.

It seems the online article submission site was doing the right thing and what is best for all concerned really when they deleted the category; online gambling pussy888 login . They decided that since their advertisers had complained and because online gambling is considered illegal in many instances because it crosses over borders and deals with consumers who are in states where gambling is illegal; that it was necessary to eliminate the category.

How did the online article submission website in this case study solve this problem? They pledged to build a special site for only online gambling and casinos, and take all the articles and put them there instead. That is a viable solution to this dilemma really. It does not alienate article authors in that category.

For myself as an online article author; I noticed my article numbers went down by only “three articles” or so and I am so happy they were not lost. I do not even remember what they were about, as I only remember writing one of them. Nevertheless, if they are put onto a new site that is good enough for me.

Plus if it helps the online article submission site with their advertisers then that means more money into the system and that means more continual upgrades for us authors, a Return on Investment for the web site and Happy Advertisers. So it is a “Triple Win” and that is a good thing. The website staff should be proud that they have accomplished everyone’s objectives and done what is “fair for all concerned.”

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