BandarQQ Playing Terms and Conditions

BandarQQonline is a game that is widely played. BandarQQ game is a game where all players compete against the dealer to win the money that has been bet. The main requirement in playing is to be of legal age and a registered account in our website.

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With this account, you can immediately find a table and try to join the table. BandarQQ table that is not full yet. After looking for a table at BandarQQ, you must have a minimum balance of IDR 50 thousand. This is a necessary condition to play at the BandarQQ table.

How and Steps to Play BandarQQ

BandarQQ games have games like qiuqiu. This game will use a domino set containing 28 cards. Players will be given 2 cards and each card given has a different value. This is different from the qiuqiu game because qiuqiu uses 4 cards when playing.

When you want to play BandarQQ, you must be good at counting the cards that have been distributed by the dealer. Otherwise, you will have much less chance of winning. How to count cards at BandarQQ is quite simple. You all just need to count the number of points that are on. In total, you must count the number of points on 2 cards. All the dots on the left will be added to the dots on the right. So if the theme gets 1 point and 3 dots, this means the total score is 4.

What Counts as Victory at BandarQQ

The winner will be chosen if the number of player cards is greater than the dealer’s. If the player wins, the bookie will pay back double what the player bet. If the opposite happens where the dealer has a higher card value than the player, then the player will lose and the money will be won by the dealer.

There are also several other determinants of victory such as the dealer will always win if the dealer has the same card value as the player. So for example, the player and the dealer both get 6, then this will be automatically won by the dealer. Feel free to keep playing and have a lot of fun while doing so.

How to Counts Cards

In addition to how to count cards, there are also certain conditions that are used when playing. The condition is that if the total value on 2 cards exceeds 9, then the value of the card is reduced by 10. An example is if the value of the card is 18, it means that the value must be reduced by 10. After deducting 10, the value of the two cards will only be 8. However, if the total on 2 cards exceeds 19, then the value of the card that must be reduced is 20. An example is if a friend gets two cards that are worthy of 21. This means the value after being deducted by 20 is 1.

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