A Bidet Provides A Better Way To Cleanse In the Bathroom

Thirty years ago the sight of or mention of a bidet brought giggles and silly jokes. In Europe and Japan bidets have been used for decades as a personal hygiene aid not only for women, but men as well.

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The two most common types of bidets come with either a nozzle or a tap. Nozzles stream water up and taps act like a faucet and pour water Togel Singapore. Either kind of bidet is used to rinse the body with warm water and facilitate cleaning of sensitive areas. What more effective and effortless way could there be for cleaning one’s functional parts after using the water closet?

If you have room in your bathroom for this often misunderstood plumbing fixture, you could make no more personally satisfying and effective a choice than to add one to your plumbing system. The kicker of course is managing to affect a location close enough to the water closet for it to be comfortably convenient. It would be uncomfortable to walk several feet from the water closet to re-establish yourself on a bidet for cleansing purposes.

Because of the inconvenience of relocating from the toilet to the bidet, we now have what is commonly referred to as “bidet toilet seats.” The one I recommend is the Toto “Washlet.” There are several models to choose from that provide various functions in addition to the basic scope of bidet technology. The basic advantage of using a bidet toilet seat is that no additional space is required as it functions primarily as a toilet seat and takes no more room that a conventional toilet seat. The only drawback is an electrical outlet is required nearby to accommodate warming the water that is used as well as the seat itself. Some people find it acceptable to run a cord to an electrical outlet a few feet away and tacking it to the baseboard in lieu of having a new outlet installed. Others have a receptacle already near the water closet and no compromise or additional expense is required.

I have heard many people say that they come from “dysfunctional” families. This is a label, a judgment that does not reflect the highest reality of what’s really going on in any family. Dysfunctional implies that there is “some way” families should function, and that if they don’t, well, you didn’t get a good one. What if something else was going on in the family we grew up within, and that in fact, all families are indeed, highly functional? What if the only reason people say their families were dysfunctional, was to label them as separate from themselves, and to avoid acknowledging the lessons that were either learned from them, or more importantly, still need to be learned from them? What if the common “wisdom” (and I use that highly oxymoronic term very lightly) was being used as a way to block these further lessons that need to be learned? And that this blockage is what is in the way of our success in relationship, with money, and with community?

And more importantly, that this blockage causes needless pain and suffering, and in turn, a distress that inflicts dis-ease within our bodies. How do I know this? Because in the shamanistic healing work I do with people, the minute these specific energetic blocks are broken up through working with clients, their minds first, and then their bodies, begin to heal. And not in some small ways either. I have seen heart attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, bleeding gums, gout, and much, much, more clear up directly as a result of this healing process that takes people from labeling to loving. With the term “lessons” being simply that which needs to be learned in order for any of us to reach our highest and greatest potential as the totality of ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less than that. No being “schooled” here, no hierarchy, no one being more or less further along on any path, because there is only one path, and that is yours, and no one and no thing can be ahead of or behind you, on your path, because you and you alone are the single determinant of what that path entails. And that totality of ourselves includes robust and vital health, loving families, a satisfying career, and fulfilling lives of great contribution, ones that truly make a difference in the world. A loving, and positive difference at that!

There is one more further concern about using the label “dysfunctional.” If you grew up in that family, and it was as you say, dysfunctional, then you would have had to, by association alone, taken on many, if not all of the aspects of that family. Yes, it hurt. Yet, they did that to you. Yes, it happened. No one is denying you your experience. But that’s the thing. If it was your experience, then as a child you were immersed within that energy, and it’s impossible for children not to take on the energy that exists around them, in some way, in some form. That would be you, taking on the energy of your “dysfunctional” family. You can even say that because of them, you are opposite of them, and you may in fact be opposite of them, but that again, is you simply taking on that energy, but in a different form than that energy was thrown at you with. Maybe you are kind, when they were not. Maybe you are generous, when they certainly were not. Yet regardless of what they were, in this way of being like them or unlike them, in such a clear and reactionary way, you and who you are being is still being guided by that original energy. And if it is in your terms, something “bad” such as “dysfunctional” is that really the energy you want to be guiding your life choices? Even if you are good, when it was bad?

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