Are Project Management Teams the Best Or Worst Part of Being a Project Manager?

On every project there will be project management teams who can essentially make or break your delivery. That’s right. You can plan to the tiniest detail; you can ensure you have a watertight PID or Charter in place and you can even have an extensive risk and issues log PMP certification cost . All means nothing if you don’t have motivated teams able to deliver.

And that is where the problems start. Project teams aren’t an entity, they are a group of individuals all with their own motivations and agendas. If you are lucky you will have experienced leads in place willing and able to bring the various strands of their team together to get what you want done on time. This is when having a delivery team can be a joy to have.

Of course if this was the case on most deliveries there would be little need for PM’s. The reality is that it is the PM’s job to make their team work as one delivering one goal. This is easier said than done. Nowadays it is rare to find resources who are all full-time on the project or even based on the same site. And the larger the delivery the less localized the resources become.

So for example on a huge project I am currently managing, I have both full and part-time resources as well as teams based in the US, Poland, India, Ireland and London. Not only do I have to bring this disparate set of resources into one group focused on delivering one goal, but little things such as communication takes a hit. After all, try scheduling a conference call at a convenient time where those from India, London and the US can be present?

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